Chevy Celebrity 4.3L Diesel Engines | Rebuilt Diesel Engines

Rebuilt Chevy Celebrity 4.3L Diesel Engines

Chevy Celebrity made use of the Oldsmobile diesel engine from 1982 to 1985. The changeover from a traditional gas engine to the diesel created some problems for car owners. There were some complaints with the early versions of the V6 4.3L diesels that were produced. A couple of lawsuits helped fix the problems and the […]

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Rebuilt Chevy Cruze Diesel Engines

Here is an interesting note on diesel cars, General Motors has just admitted that a diesel-powered version of the Chevy Cruze was coming in 2013. The automaker has announced it will start building the company‚Äôs first diesel-powered passenger car in more than 15 years at the plant in Ohio-Lordstown. The Chevy Cruze diesel engines are […]

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