Rebuilt Dodge Sprinter Engines For Sale

With family ties to Mercedes, the Dodge Sprinter van manufactured by Daimler Chrysler brings top-of-the-line craftsmanship and performance to the commercial vehicle market for North America. Hitting the competition running in 2001 bearing the Freightliner brand, today’s Dodge Sprinter entered a new era for commercial vehicles in the U.S. taking on its own identity in 2003. Originating in Huntersville, North Carolina and eventually relocating to Auburn Hills, Michigan, the American operations base produces all of today’s Dodge Sprinter engines for sale.

Highlighted by its fuel efficiency alongside a truly purposeful interior design, the Dodge Sprinter van combines optimal performance and functionality. 2007 made way for an updated version providing more cargo room with more depth, length and width in its body. With the option of a 144 inch or 170 inch wheel base, this commercial vehicle can be purchased in a longer version in the 170 inch wheel base model including a 15 inch extended back end.

Standard features include a V6 engine with 3.0L and 154 hp @ 3400 RPM. The Dodge Sprinter van has a torque of 280 @ 1200 RPM and an automatic overdrive 5-speed transmission. With a maximum seating capacity of 5 and 3 doors, it has standard air conditioning and power windows and locks with an optional sunroof. There is an option of either a 2500 or 3500 model. With the 2500 offering the 144 inch wheel base, 170 inch wheel base and the 170 inch wheel base EXT. The 3500 has two choices with the 170 inch wheel base or 170 inch wheel base EXT.

With popularity and notoriety from its European counterpart, the U.S. version has gained momentum with diesel fans. The Dodge Sprinter van can be used for commercial or personal use, depending upon the model selected and diesel engines lend themselves nicely to either. Providing an improved fuel efficiency and cheaper maintenance, these engines generally last longer and have less parts that necessitate a decreased combustion temperature giving an increase in longevity. Such a durable vehicle is further optimized with a smooth ride and more control in metering your fuel.

Whether in the market for a commercial or personal vehicle to get you where you need to go, the Dodge Sprinter van delivers. With roots in the European market under the Mercedes brand, this vehicle brings renowned ingenuity and spirit to American soil now easily identified as Daimler Chrysler’s Dodge Sprinter van. CallĀ Now

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