Rebuilt Volkswagen TDI Diesel Engines for Sale

Rebuilt Volkswagen makes a group of diesel engines tagged TDI. TDI stands for ” Turbocharged Direct Injection”. They are very popular auto engines, also used in the marine industry and for light duty commercial vehicles. My across the street neighbor has a  Jetta with the TDI diesel engine, he says it gets over 40 mph on the road. Call now if you know what you want.

Three specific generations of Rebuilt VW TDI’s can be found in North America.  My neighbor has a generation 2 TDI. The first generation was available until 2004 and used a fuel distribution unit to allow the injectors to put the exact right amount of fuel in each cylinder.  Being 1.9l in size.  Second generation Rebuilt VW diesel TDI used the P-D [Name of unit injector pump] engines that were sold in Canada and the US from 2004 until 2006.  The third generation of TDI engines were introduced in 2008 with common rail fuel injection and is called a ‘Clean Diesel’ engine.

For instance, the Jetta only offers TDI diesel engines from generation 3 models and on. Eliminating the less efficient non TDI engines. The 1.9  liter TDI is standard in the Jetta if you have the diesel engine option. The fuel injection system is manufactured by Bosch. Specifically designed for clean diesel engines imported to the US in 2008. Other TDI engines can be found depending on year, body style and demographic region.

The Clean Diesel, Common Rail engines became available in late 2008 for the Jetta Wagon and Sedan.  The engine displacement grew a bit larger at 2.0l vs the previous 1.9l, but power jumps to 140hp @ 4000rpm and torque is 236 ft pounds from 1750 to 2000 rpm.  Soon after the 3.0l V6 version rated at 221hp@ 4000rm and 407 ft-pounds of torque became available for the Toureg 2. As a rule, torque ratings are more accurate than power ratings for diesel engines.

The whole TDI engine Identification process becomes quite difficult if you are trying to find the right Rebuilt Volkswagen TDI Diesel Engines for Sale. Two elements are needed to get the right engine. The first element is your registration so we can have the VIN [vehicle identification number]. That 100% guarantees a perfect match.

The other element involved is what variation of replacement engine is in your best interests? Your choices run from fully rebuilt/remanufactured TDI engines, low mileage used engines or a new crate engine. My advise is to call them up and talk to a real person. is your Rebuilt VW TDI diesel engine specialist. Allow us to provide enough information in understandable terms so YOU can make a great engine replacement decision. We build pure value into every engine we sell, and back it with an iron clad guarantee. Call now.

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