Rebuilt 6.4 Powerstroke

Powerstroke 6.4refurbished Ford integrated its 6.4 Powerstroke engine in the 2008 year. This turbo diesel is one used for the E-Series vans and the Super Duty pickups. The large size, torque and power of this motor is one reason why it reigns supreme in the auto industry. This Navistar variant is one of the largest that refurbished Ford Motor Company provides. It is this size that you’ll find for sale inside our warehouse right now. We support the entire diesel line and ensure that our pricing remains low for you at You’ll never be disappointed in our offerings.

One of the reasons that many vehicle owners decide to purchase this variant is the number of installations it offers. The Excursion is an additional vehicle this motor is used inside. Part of the refurbished Ford promise to its engine buyers is the consistent development of its products. Although the Navistar company launched this edition, the Powerstroke brand is fully supported by refurbished Ford. Buying one rebuilt here can help you own one for a discount. Paying for a brand new one can set you back thousands. The remanufactured units sold here are the very ones that some dealerships buy to resell.

6.4 Powerstroke Engine Specs

Buying OEM is what can save you money in more ways that one. The OEM editions that we rebuild are true the originals. The only difference is the small amount of mileage already on the block. Since this cannot be removed, what is removed is any parts that could be worn to ensure there are no problems. We’re hired some of the best diesel mechanics you can find. It is based on the work completed and the recommendations of these experts that we build our inventory. You can own a 6.4 here for a lot less than you can buying elsewhere online.

The 350 horsepower that is put into this motor is always accurate. Because there are no upgrades or mods installed, you buy a factory fresh engine here. What we do is allow customers that want turbos or other units installed to complete this work after installation. Our inventory is strictly OEM and is what you’d find if you purchased a 6.4 at a dealership. We’ve already put in the hard work of restoring these diesels. The labor that we supply and the actual parts used get covered in our 3-year warranty. All that we supply goes through dyno testing procedures. It is from these tests that we make the determination if what we’ve built is up to quality standards. We never have complaints about our units. We’re one of the top suppliers to buyers in the auto industry and average refurbished Ford vehicle owners.

6.4 Powerstroke Engine Quotes Online

The quote system we use here is easy for you to access. Type in the information the form requests that you provide. We analyze this and return our pricing to you entirely online. This is in addition to phone quotations we offer. You choose how you want us to distribute our diesel pricing. You review the price and choose to order. It’s the easy.




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