Cummins B Engine

Rebuilt Cummins ISB 5.9 Engine

Cummins ISB series was the change that Dodge made compared to the 6BT series. Between 215 and 235 horsepower is what is built into these engines. What you’ll find here is the Cummins B-Series rebuilt to OEM specs. It can be hard to find a diesel engine that is in used shape that works well. […]

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Rebuilt Cummins B-Series Engines for Sale

Cummins B-Series engines are all inline 4 cylinder diesel engines or inline 6 cylinder diesel engines. Also called straight engines sometimes because all cylinders are inline. Not a ”V” engine pattern. Sometimes called the ISB motor. Cummins B-Series Engines for Sale are popular mainly because of the mass usage in the Dodge Ram truck line. […]

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