Duramax Engines on Sale

Rebuilt Duramax Diesel Engines for Sale

General Motors started offering its Duramax or DMAX engine in 2001. Some might not know that this was a joint partnership with Isuzu. The ability to offer engines large enough for vans, trucks and heavy-duty trucks was born. Over one million of these V8 engines have been produced since the initial creation. What buyers search […]

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GMC Sierra 6.6L Diesel Engines for Sale | Rebuilt GMC Diesel Engines

Rebuilt GMC Sierra 6.6L Diesel Engines for Sale

GMC Sierra and its cousin the Chevy Silverado are two of the longest¬†reigning¬†pickup trucks in North America. General Motors leads the diesel engine industry and the Duramax is probably its greatest achievement. This massive V8 engine has been manufactured over 1 million times in GMC engine shops around the U.S. The popular 6.6L diesel is […]

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GMC Savana V8 Engines for Sale | Diesel Engines GM

Rebuilt GMC Savana V8 Engines for Sale

The Duramax V8 series from GM is one of the only competitors to the refurbished Ford PowerStroke. This 6.6-liter was updated in 2006 for the GMC Savana series of vans. Increased emissions and more torque were added during this upgrade. We have these GMC Savana V8 engines for sale in our inventory of van engines. […]

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Want to Buy a Refurbished, Affordable Replacement Duramax Diesel Engine?

When the competition erupted in the 90’s regarding well mannered, powerful diesel engines in light duty trucks. All of the big three manufacturers had diesel engine variants for their trucks, but when Dodge started using the Cummins diesel engine and refurbished Ford came out with the Powerstroke, it was time for General Motors to anti […]

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Rebuilt GM Duramax 6.6L Diesel Engines For Sale

Quality comes from American innovation and General Motors is no exception to that rule. With so many engines, GM makes it is hard to decide what type of vehicle is best for the job. However, for those people who need total reliability that is put to the test, the GM Duramax 6.6L is the way […]

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