Rebuilt Cummins B-Series Engines for Sale

Cummins B-Series engines are all inline 4 cylinder diesel engines or inline 6 cylinder diesel engines. Also called straight engines sometimes because all cylinders are inline. Not a ”V” engine pattern. Sometimes called the ISB motor. Cummins B-Series Engines for Sale are popular mainly because of the mass usage in the Dodge Ram truck line.

The engine was originally designed by Cummins for commercial applications and medium duty truck applications, and appeared in the dodge light-duty truck, the Dodge Ram, starting in 1989.

Cummins powered Dodge Pickup trucks, since 1989, have been equipped with a turbocharger. It uses a gear-driven camshaft setup as opposed to a chain or belt drive for extra reliability. Also re-engineered for durability is a deep-skirt engine block and stronger connecting rods. Holset Company makes the turbocharger. The original B Series was updated to 24 valves and added a fully electronic engine management system becoming the ISB motor in 1998.

The 5.9 liter motors are all 360.0 cubic inches in size, coded: 6BT, aka the Cummins “12-valve”, it was the first member of the “B” engine family to be used in a light duty truck lineup.
The 5.9 liter motor, coded: ISB (Interact System B) is one of the largest inline-six engines ever produced for a light duty truck, and the engine with an extremely high output, the 600 version was on the Ward’s 10 Best Engines list for 2004.

The 5.9 liter, coded: QSB (Quantum System B) is the off-road, heavy duty, version of the ISB engine.
Since I’m appealing to the Dodge Ram pickup folks primarily, our inventory includes fully remanufactured Cummins diesel engines and top quality used engines, which are pre-checked for performance and oil leaks before they are packaged for shipment.

Most of our customers re-power their vehicles with our un-compromised rebuilt engines, yet some folks prefer low mileage used engines. The decision is personal. It depends on your intended use and budget. Ram owners have proven loyalties to their trucks and generally use our remanufactured engines because they can be counted on to last as long as, or longer than the original engine.

Take a minute to speak with a professional about which engine choice is in your best interests. Our only job is to provide the education you need to make a great decision. Our world class customer service will get the engine shipped out ASAP upon order completion. We exceed our customers expectations with engines that have pure value built right into them.

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