Rebuilt Cummins ISB 5.9 Engine

Cummins B EngineCummins ISB series was the change that Dodge made compared to the 6BT series. Between 215 and 235 horsepower is what is built into these engines. What you’ll find here is the Cummins B-Series rebuilt to OEM specs. It can be hard to find a diesel engine that is in used shape that works well. We know from experience that used engines will fail eventually. We stick to building the Cummins series. You’ll find the Cummins ISB 5.9 engine for one of the lowest prices you’ll find on the Internet. Let our experts help you at

The torque of a diesel engine is usually higher output compared to gasoline versions. Most diesel owners prefer the higher torque ratio. Since we have actual OEM motors, none of the original integrity of each engine is compromised. The torque and horsepower remain the same to let you get the value you demand. The rebuilt motors for sale that you’ll find here give you the fast install that you want. Our diesel engine experts are here to help you find the right match to your VIN number. We won’t ship you something that you didn’t order or don’t need.

Cummins ISB 5.9 Engine in StockĀ 

The locating work that our buying team performs is one reason why we’re able to have so many different styles in stock. This expert team finds some of the very best engines with low mileage. We know how important it is to start from a good block. We use the lowest mileage blocks to help increase the overall longevity that you’ll have with our diesels. Every detail and every part is thoroughly inspected. The completed ISB engine is ready to go only after it is tested for accuracy. These compression tests help us locate errors, leaks or other factors that could decrease the output that you receive. The engines in stock you’ll find here come with our extended warranty protection.

These warranties are specially written for the Cummins class. We’re so confident in the work we’ve done that for 36 months we offer coverage. Our labor as well as the OEM diesel parts used in the build is included. You’re here searching for a replacement and that’s what you’ll get. You be won’t buying something you have to keep working on like used engines. The remanufactured diesels we sell are priced right. The value you expect is exactly what our mechanics provide. We top off the excellent value with speedy shipping. You’ll never wait just to receive an engine. Our experts get engines out from our distribution warehouse daily. These efforts to make us a number one provider for the ISB diesel engines.

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Take a minute and call us by the toll free number you can find on this page. Our diesel experts can look up any engine type in our database. We’ll quote a price entirely by phone or you can receive it online. You’re literally moments away from saving a ton of money for a 5.9 engine. You won’t be disappointed in our quality or service level.




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