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Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel Engines | Rebuilt Diesel Engines DodgeDodge Ram was improved for the early 1990 models and 1994 saw the introduction of the revamped 2500 Ram. The notable improvement was the engine sizes that were available. Two separate V6 engines were used in a 5.9L displacement. The ISB and the B5.9 engines gave Dodge truck owners some good options to choose. refurbished Ford and Chevy have never been able to catch up to Dodge in the diesel engine market. The Cummins acquisition for Dodge was one of the best things to happen to this automaker in its legacy. We have Dodge Ram 2500 diesel engines that are ready to ship anywhere around the world right here at

A gasoline engine is one thing and caring for a diesel is another. Buying a used or remanufactured diesel takes a little planning before a successful purchase can be made. We put in the effort to research engines that are requested by our customers. We do our best to carry all of the Dodge Ram engines. We have refused an engine or two in our time of doing business because our quality was not met. We have high standards and we know customers have high expectations. We don’t lower our reputation even if that means a disappointed customer. You only get the best diesels here.

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We know that our engines will be powering the Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 trucks. We take this challenge seriously. We make sure that all used and rebuilt engines that find their way into our inventory do so after testing. The tests that we do are all high quality. We don’t simply look at a diesel engine and judge it ready to sell. The performance testing is performed in a controlled environment by our mechanics. We know exactly what needs to be done to provide high quality to every customer. The compression testing that takes place here makes sure we don’t find any fluid leaks that could prevent each engine from operating normally. We study the ratios and compare it to Dodge diesel specs. We are right on the money every time.

Engines that are of the highest quality get routed into our warehouse. Our employees properly tag and sort each engine so that it is easy to ship out. We automatically update our engine database with our new inventory. This happens several times each day. We are always accurate and you never have to worry about something being out of stock. We put the investment that is required into our company to make it one of the top sellers on the Internet. We achieve success in part because of high quality, testing, a huge inventory and our loyal customers.

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One thing you will really appreciate besides our engines is the fact that you don’t need us to get our lowest price. Our quote form on this website does all the work that we used to do. Use it to generate our Ram 2500 price right now. If you do need assistance, we are only a phone call away at 1-877-630-3877. We will help you throughout every step of the quote or ordering process.

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We have an extensive inventory of diesel engines for sale and are constantly adding them to our site. Don't see your engine? Don't worry! We have it. Give us a call for more information.