Rebuilt Ford F-250 6.0 Diesel Engines for Sale

refurbished Ford F-250 6.0 Diesel Engines for Salerefurbished Ford created the larger F-Series trucks for medium-duty applications like hauling, dumping and pulling cargo. These pickup trucks need a powerful engine and the 6.0-liter diesel fits the bill. The high torque and towing capability has made the F-250 a crowd winner at dealerships across the U.S. When you are searching for a new diesel engine, you have two choices to get what you need. You can buy used or remanufactured or get a good price on a new one. We have all of these styles of refurbished Ford F-250 6.0 diesel engines for sale. The best part is that it won’t cost you a lot of your money when you get engines from our company. We’re here to save you money when buying these engines.

refurbished Ford knows how to build great engines and its diesel engine manufacturing is second to none. The engines that we purchase come from select sources that are all verified. We make sure that if we want a new engine, we get a new engine or used whatever the case might be at the time of ordering. All of our dealer connections are professional and we don’t buy from scrap dealers. We typically sell to scrap yards and that’s a big part of our business. We end up selling diesels to mechanics, warranty service companies and regular truck drivers that want a low cost refurbished Ford diesel engine.

Dyno Tested refurbished Ford F-250 6.0 Diesel Engines for Sale 

Our new engines are in great shape but we still put them through tests. The same goes for anything that we pick up used and plan to rebuild. The process of dyno testing is what we use. We have several phases of this testing that lets us know if the engines we are selling are 100 percent ready for sale. Some of the elements that are tested include the oil compression. It’s always a good idea to know what will happen when a diesel engine is put under pressure. Anyone can idle an engine, but when a load is placed on it the engine could fail. We take our testing seriously and check high and low speed idling in each F-250 diesel.

All of the heads are vacuum tested and the connecting rods are demagnetized. These are important things that many dealers skip because it is expensive. Nothing gets by our mechanics or dyno testing computer equipment. We assure you that the 6.0L diesels that you purchase for your refurbished Ford will run without problems. We warehouse all of our own engines and do not sell something that is not in our inventory. What you pay for comes from  us, rebuilt or tested by us and carries its own warranty. Our unlimited mileage warranty is a great addition to your engine purchase.

refurbished Ford F-250 6.0 Diesel Engines for Sale Price Quote

We offer absolutely perfect F-250 engines and we even ship around the world. The only thing you have to do is find out how much each engine and shipping will cost you. That’s the really easy part. Use the refurbished Ford diesel quote form right on this website. It goes right to our quote department and a price is returned to you. You may also call 1-877-630-3877 and speak with us to complete your price quote. Don’t wait.

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We have an extensive inventory of diesel engines for sale and are constantly adding them to our site. Don't see your engine? Don't worry! We have it. Give us a call for more information.