Rebuilt GMC Savana V8 Engines for Sale

GMC Savana V8 Engines for Sale | Diesel Engines GMThe Duramax V8 series from GM is one of the only competitors to the refurbished Ford PowerStroke. This 6.6-liter was updated in 2006 for the GMC Savana series of vans. Increased emissions and more torque were added during this upgrade. We have these GMC Savana V8 engines for sale in our inventory of van engines. The partnership between GM and Isuzu made this LLY/LBZ series diesel a success since 2006. We have this engine used and rebuilt to give you two of the best options that we know of for a reliable GMC replacement diesel engine. Our mechanics specialize in diesel engines and what you get is pure quality.

You can save a lot of money online buying diesel engines, but only if you know exactly where to buy them. There are many used engines that are not in the condition that they are actually described. We make sure to take the time to describe exactly what you will get when you buy one of our GMC diesels. Our V8 engines are personally selected by our engine experts through our distributors. We only buy engines that are offered for sale with a low amount of miles. We then take these used engines and sell them or upgrade a used engine by remanufacturing it. We give you two easy ways to save money and buy a diesel engine with confidence.

GMC Savana V8 Engines for Sale with a Warranty

We put hours of work into engine acquisitions and rebuilds to ensure that you always get the best. Our features do not begin or end with just selling an engine to you. You don’t have to pay extra money to get a good warranty that will cover your engine from any type of parts or labor problems. We install OEM GMC parts on the rebuild to extend the life of your engine. Our labor is checked and double checked by our mechanics and by using our dyno testing equipment. No problem will get by under our radar and you actually get what we say that you will get. We don’t like problems therefore we don’t have any.

We think we are pretty generous with our price and our extended warranty. We still give you a little more. We ship super fast. That means once your engine is ordered we ship it on the same day. Your engine is picked up by our fleet of freight handlers that route it directly to your location. We don’t use intermediaries and we don’t handle someone else’s sales. We ship a diesel straight from our inventory and straight to your location. You can expect one of our GMC Savana diesels to arrive in just a few business days from today.

Low Prices for GMC Savana V8 Engines for Sale

1-877-630-3873 is the number that you must call to get our low price. We won’t waste any time. You get our price and that’s it. If you want your price emailed, complete our GMC quote form on this page. We still send your quote just as fast. You have two very easy ways to obtain the lowest price for a V8 GMC. You deal with a professional company that actually cares about what you are buying. You’ve tried other companies now try our company.


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We have an extensive inventory of diesel engines for sale and are constantly adding them to our site. Don't see your engine? Don't worry! We have it. Give us a call for more information.