Rebuilt GMC Sierra 6.6L Diesel Engines for Sale

GMC Sierra 6.6L Diesel Engines for Sale | Rebuilt GMC Diesel EnginesGMC Sierra and its cousin the Chevy Silverado are two of the longest reigning pickup trucks in North America. General Motors leads the diesel engine industry and the Duramax is probably its greatest achievement. This massive V8 engine has been manufactured over 1 million times in GMC engine shops around the U.S. The popular 6.6L diesel is the one most often associated with the Sierra. You can find GMC Sierra 6.6L diesel engines for sale in our engine inventory. We sell used and rebuilt diesel engines to our growing network of customers around the world. You arrived to this diesel website because you want a great deal. We give that to you and more when you become our customer.

We sell tons of engines each day. Our warehouse started small and now holds thousands of engines that are available for shipment. We move thousands of GMC diesel engines each year through our inventory. Our customers know us for two things. The first is the value we give for the money we charge. It will be hard to find a comparable engine in our price range that outperforms what we sell. The second is the way our prices are arranged. We sell engines although we like to sell them cheap. We find that this pricing structure works very well for us and for each customer that buys from us.

Dyno Tested GMC Sierra 6.6L Diesel Engines for Sale

It’s easy to order an engine and sell it online. It’s easy to retrieve the profits from the sale and do it all over again. What is not easy is making sure that our customers get the very best. What we purchase comes strictly from wholesalers and distributors that have proven that they sell the highest quality diesels. Each one that we buy is put through our internal testing program. It is what we receive from performing this testing that is used to judge the condition of our Duramax diesels. We use a 30-point diesel checklist as well as our dyno computer in a controlled environment.

It makes no different to us what version of our 6.6L engines that are sold. We treat used and rebuilt the same. The only differences to be found are the testing and application of OEM parts when necessary. Our rebuilds are built strictly from the block outward and receive genuine GMC parts. The dyno testing computer is able to verify the idle gearing in low and faster idle. You can tell a lot about a diesel with this test and that’s what makes our engines so popular online. We put the investment required into our company to test Duramax engines and it has payed off for us big time.

GMC Sierra 6.6L Diesel Engines for Sale Pricing

When you want a price quote from, the only thing you have to do is decide if you want the price online or offline. If you choose online, our Sierra quote form can be used from this website. It goes to our quote staff. If you choose offline, call our toll free line at 1-877-630-3877. Your time is not lost and you will be glad that you received a quote from us.


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