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The Lister Company was Established in 1867
There’s a good chance that the name Lister doesn’t ring any bells when it’s mentioned in the US unless you sell or need an engine to power farm equipment. The Lister Company got its start in 1867 in Gloucestershire England. The company produced agricultural equipment at that time, but when the internal combustion engine came on the scene the company became a world-renowned figure in engineering. Lister Diesel Engines for Sale are available upon request at

Lister started producing petrol engines in the early 1900s to shear sheep, but the company expanded their line and produced engines to power all sorts of equipment. In 1929 Lister engineers produced a cold start diesel engine from their petrol engine model L. This side valve low compression engine was used for irrigation pumps and electric generators. These new CS engines were known for their longevity and reliability; they became a hit all over the Commonwealth. Lister was producing 600 engines a week during the 1930s. The war interrupted Lister production in the 1940s, but the company survived.

Through the years the Lister Company merged with other companies. The new company, Lister-Petter, produces diesel engines that range from a six cylinder air-cooled engine to the 2.7 horsepower Zeta series. The 335 horsepower “Omega” engine and a six cylinder “Gamma” engine are also part of their engine line. The electric start Omega and Gamma are high-speed turbodiesel engines. They are primarily used for big equipment.

Lister Engines Are Multipurpose
The Lister Company has been producing engines for over 140 years in England and has earned some serious credibility in the industry. Lister diesel engines are used in construction work, concrete mixers, flour mills, threshers, turbine pumps, and generators. India has been producing a type of Lister engine since the 1920s, but some versions are not licensed by the parent company.

The Indian manufacturers decided to produce their own version of the Lister diesel. It was named the Lister-type since it was such an easy engine to duplicate with domestic parts. The flywheel was assembled in India instead of being imported from England, and other parts were produced locally as well. The India Lister-type diesel continues to be an important piece of equipment in Indian society.

The US and Australia have been using the Lister diesel for years to power all sorts of equipment. We have Lister diesel engines for sale. Call or email now if you want more information about an engine that is known for its dependable service.

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