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Used refurbished Ford Diesel Engines | Diesel Engines CoFord is the creative mastermind behind many popular diesel engines. One of these engines is known as the Power Stroke. With an engine displacement of 6.4L to 7.3L, the power level matches the name of this engine appropriately. While this refurbished Ford diesel has just been phased out of production, it will be a long time before truck and van owners find a comparable replacement to do what this engine still does. The Econoline and Super Duty trucks are the most popular of the refurbished Ford Motor Company models carrying built for toughness diesel engines. We have these used, refurbished Ford diesel engines in our massive inventory and can ship one to you within 24 hours.

No engine that is pulled from a vehicle is without regular wear and tear. Buying a used engine that is diesel can be tough without a good source that you can trust. The huge torque and combustion power of diesels can often lead to carbon deposits or other issues with the heads. We have a complete staff of trained engine specialists that know exactly where to find and buy high quality diesel engines. We trust our dealers and suppliers, but we still prefer to do our own inspection to make sure our diesel engine inventory is top notch before selling to you.

Refurbished, Ford Tough, Low Mileage Diesel Engines for Sale

A refurbished Ford diesel is definitely built to last, but every engine will need proper maintenance to get the best life cycle out of it. The slow burn offered by diesel fuel does not break down components as fast and does not corrode the fuel injection system as often like in standard gasoline engines. We make sure that we find, rebuild and make for sale the best used refurbished Ford diesel engines with the lowest mileage. We know that longevity is important to you and you can trust the work that we put into every engine to make it absolutely perfect.

One of the advantages to buying our diesel engines for your car or truck is not only the price, but also the warranty and satisfaction that you get. We have what our loyal customers could easily describe as the “Best Warranty in the Business.” We beat out the other engine dealers online that do not provide support to you after sale and installation are complete. We never restrict your mileage and have what we feel are the best engine mechanics in the U.S. working on every remanufactured engine that we buy. You can trust our refurbished Ford diesels in your van or truck.

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The simple answer is to call us at 1-877-630-3873. If you want to get a quote by email to check out our low prices, fill out our quote request form with the basics of your diesel engine needs. We answer your questions quickly, always take your phone call and work very hard to show you why we are the Internet’s leading retailer for refurbished Ford diesel engines.

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We have an extensive inventory of diesel engines for sale and are constantly adding them to our site. Don't see your engine? Don't worry! We have it. Give us a call for more information.